Are the risks associated with your key business processes protected by adequate, effective controls?

Are you spending money on controls that are inefficient or excessive? Businesses must change and evolve to remain competitive but if the control environment doesn't adapt accordingly, then the risks of failure grow too. We recognise that while change brings opportunity, it is essential to ensure that processes, systems and controls continue to protect value, rather than dilute it.

Business process review and reengineering
Our team are highly experienced in the assessment of process risk and control and use a rigorous approach to assess business processes. We can help you to identify and understand the inherent risks within key processes, and whether your existing controls are adequate and efficient in mitigating those risks.
Our solutions consider the alignment of people/ organisations, technology and business processes.
Taking into account your industry and your unique organisational needs, our professionals will study your business processes as part of laying the groundwork from which we can assess whether or not your organisational design and performance metrics support your strategic goals.

Process documentation and manual preparation
We can help you improve the documentation of your systems and processes in order to reflect the current procedures of your organisation, and benchmark it with industry leading practices. Process documentation may be in the form of process flow narratives, flowcharts or a manual of operations.