Breadth, depth and relevant expertise
Our forensics and investigations team can support you with investigations, dispute resolution, including accounting integrity and conduct matters, SPA disputes, investigations fraud solutions and computer forensics.
We carry out investigations for corporates, regulators and prosecuting authorities. These can range from complex, investigations, to the investigation of alleged employee fraud, to the background investigation or due diligence of third parties.

Fraud vulnerability assessment
In most companies, it is estimated that 7 percent of revenues are lost to fraud. You need a team who can provide appropriate, specialist support and advise you on what may be over the horizon and what you need to do about it now. We can help you mitigate your fraud exposures and advise you regarding appropriate actions you can take to detect and prevent fraud

We can also assist you in assessing your organisation’s vulnerability to fraud and in strengthening your internal controls to prevent it. We will develop an understanding of your business processes in order to assess your vulnerability to fraud and identify fraud risk factors. We can then provide solutions to eliminate the gaps and efficiently manage the identified risks.