Voyager supports the Horizon audit methodology. Using Voyager, audit teams identify financial statement risks and link them to the processes and internal controls that you have established to address those risks. This enables our team to tailor an audit response that is appropriate to the assessed risks.

Presently, Voyager also generates audit programs for 16 different industries (and counting) that are customised for individual Client situations and focused on your financial statement risk areas.

Voyager assists audit teams in documenting, evaluating design effectiveness and testing internal controls. As a result, it helps auditors to identify opportunities for strengthening internal controls. 

Our audit teams also use IDEA, a data extraction and analysis tool, to analyse voluminous transactions and huge quantities of financial data, independently verify calculations, efficiently calculate and select samples to be tested. IDEA enables auditors to rapidly extract and analyse data, resulting in an efficient and streamlined audit process that is less burdensome for you and your staff.