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Kenneth Atkinson

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While starting your own business is complex and challenging by helping you focus on the strengths of your business, we believe we can help you add value and prepare for future fund raising.

Why Grant Thornton?

We provide solid, continuous support for your key accounting and compliance activities such as outsourced accounting, payroll and related tax compliance talks. We see ourselves as your business partner, and we will work with you to handle accounting, compliance and governance issues and mentoring, if required, enabling you to take center stage and focus on meeting your objectives, goals and targets, and taking your business to greater heights. By having organised financial records prepared by a leading international firm and being tax compliant, will help you achieve a higher valuation for your business.

Our solutions and support

Accounting Services

  • Compiling and reviewing source documents support accounting transactions
  • Recording financial transactions and preparing  accounting books in compliance with the Vietnamese Accounting Systems (VAS)
  • Preparing and filling the VAS financial statements and other statutory reports to the local authorities
  • Assign a qualified Chief Accountant to handle the accounting compliance

Tax compliance

  • Preparing tax returns covering monthly, quarterly, and annually corporate income tax, value added tax, withholding taxes and other compulsory tax to stage budget
  • Filling tax returns and payments of the corresponding taxes electronically.


  • Computation of employees’ pay and provide secure pay-slips
  • Maintain bank account exclusive for payroll and payroll-related disbursement
  • Preparing and filling statutory insurances and obligations
  • Monthly tax declaration and annualise  employee’s income tax

Corporate secretarial

  • Maintain minutes of key decisions and expenditure commitments
  • Minutes for fund raising and capital contributions


  • Our Partners are available to mentor you on key areas where you need support.