Vietnam Rising - Inside the China Market

07 May 2020

Delivering ASIA Communications and C9 Hotelworks are hosting the Webinar: Vietnam Rising - Inside the China Market on Thursday 7th May at 2:00pm-2:45pm by the software Zoom with the participation of Mr. Kenneth Atkinson - Founder and Senior Board Advisor of Grant Thornton Vietnam as a speaker.

With Vietnam on the cusp of their journey back from the disruption of Covid-19, it’s time for the travel and hospitality industry to start planning for what’s next. With long-haul markets not expected to return in the short term, China is both strategically, and by virtue of its proximity, the logical international inbound force to drive the rebound of the tourism industry.

Another focus of the event is to provide an update on the current progress of the reopening of domestic travel within Vietnam and how this will lay the groundwork for the re-entry of overseas tourists. Along those lines a special segment will be a recovery toolkit for hoteliers and what critical processes need to be planned now.


  1. Ken Atkinson - Founder and Senior Board Advisor, Grant Thornton Vietnam & Vice Chairman, Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board
  2. Michael Piro - Chief Operating Officer, Indochina Capital
  3. David Keen - Chief Executive Officer, QUO
  4. Bill Barnett - Managing Director, C9 Hotelworks
  5. Vanessa Zhu - China Director, Delivering ASIA Communications


  1. David Johnson - CEO, Delivering ASIA Communications


  • Will Chinese travel abroad in the remainder of 2020?
  • Have they visited Vietnam before?
  • Which destination in the country will they travel to?
  • What demand generators matter most to Chinese tourists?
  • What is the specific preference of China travellers to Vietnam for hotels (budget to five-star)?
  • How has the market changed and how do hotels reach it?
  • How can hotels leverage the China market for re-openings?
  • What is the status of domestic travel in Vietnam today and how to prepare for the future?
  • How can hotels and tourism establishments prepare for a post COVID-19 recovery?

These are some of the big questions which will be answered as C9 Hotelworks unveils its China Vietnam Travel Sentiment Survey 2020, conducted at the end of April in collaboration with Delivering Asia Communications.


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