Grant Thornton Vietnam, in partnership with enablecode and TRG, have released the initial report with results of the Business Pandemic Resilience Diagnostic, based on a survey conducted earlier this year.  The diagnostic rated the business resilience of each participating company in the Covid-19 pandemic environment, and analyzed factors of resilience along key aspects of business operations – finance, supply and demand, external factors, and digitization.  The findings, based on data, not on expert opinion, were sometimes expected and sometimes surprising!  Findings included:

  • Technology, Retail, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods were the most resilience sectors, and real estate and hospitality the least resilient
  • State Owned Enterprises were more resilient then foreign invested and private Vietnamese companies, but listed companies were less resilient
  • Business resilience is highly correlated with level of digitization
  • 56% of companies experience a negative impact of higher than 20% of earnings, and only 19% of companies experienced an impact lower than 10%

Companies who participated in the survey will receive a custom report with their individual resilience rating benchmarked against peers in their industry, and with recommendations to improve their resilience based on an assessment of their responses.

A download of the executive summary of the Business Pandemic Resilience Diagnostic is available to the public. Watch this space for more in-depth analytical reports, and for the announcement of Webinars on this topic.

For the executive summary of the report, please click here.

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