We recognise digital technology’s crucial role in today’s dynamic business environment. Expanding its offerings, Grant Thornton Vietnam is determined to assist its clients in unlocking the potential for growth through a greater digital orientation. We have combined Digital Transformation, IT Advisory & Information Management and Analytics into a service, Digital Advisory.

Digital Advisory brings a fresh perspective to our clients by reimagining their businesses and services in the digital age and helps them define and implement their digital strategies.

How we can help?

Digital Audit

Find out how your digital and IT systems and functions rate compared to peer businesses in Vietnam and worldwide. Address weaknesses and gaps in your digital governance. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks in your current digital systems and processes.

Digital Transformation

Find out how your business rates in digital asset performance. Get a head start to take the lead over your competitors in building effective digital assets. Learn how to quickly build digital assets through hands-on design of examples. Set up a framework to continuously improve existing digital assets and roll-out new ones.

Digital Marketing & Sales

Find out how your digital sales and marketing rate compared to comparable businesses in Vietnam and worldwide. Learn basic and leading-edge digital sales and marketing approaches and techniques, from paid digital marketing to guerilla growth hacking. Develop a targeted digital marketing plan and learn how to monitor and continuously improve the plan. Boost your online sales with minimal effort and maximum reach.

Digital HR

Launching a new digital business or setting up a digital center within your established business? Need to develop more digital talent and a more agile mindset? Get help with organizational structure, job descriptions, recruiting techniques, and staff retention strategies.

Digital Project QA

Professional help on your next digital project can reduce costs, save time, and improve outcomes. From solution selection, vendor contracting, and project organization, through to milestone confirmation and quality assurance of deliverables before the vendors are paid.

Business Pandemic Resilience Diagnostic

When uncertainty is the new normal, standing still isn’t an option.

Our free assessment helps you clearly see your business resilience capability through data-driven analysis across multiple impact zones. We’ll also show you tailored benchmarking compared to your industry. Followed by recommendations for next steps. At no obligation.

Business Pandemic Resilience Diagnostic