Launching a new digital business? Setting up a central division or department with responsibility for digital transformation throughout your existing business? Or taking the decentralized approach and seeding digital transformation savvy throughout your business?

Great! But whatever your approach, how will you organize it, staff it, manage it?

Top notch digitally savvy staff are notoriously difficult to recruit, to motivate, and to retain. 

Your HR approach has to be fit for the new purpose – the old ways are clearly inadequate.

Start by understanding what digital technology can do and what people can do, with the strengths of both aligned for best overall results, and considering the people aspects of digital transformation risk mitigation.  There is a long list of HR issues to get right:

  • Get the Resource Mix right – employees, freelancers, automation and outsourcing.
  • Getting Organisational Design right – ecosystems, agile teams, holocracies and remote working.
  • Getting Job Responsibilities right – factoring in the digital transformation and automation, eg. what are the remaining “human” tasks.
  • Getting Person Specifications right – moving from qualification checklists to actually having the cognitive and empathy skills to meet modern business objectives.
  • Getting Remuneration & Incentives right – pay for performance & innovation rewarded.
  • Getting Recruitment Attraction, selection and retention – for jobs that have not existed before, thinking of relevant skillsets and where else potential candidates could have developed those.
  • Getting job Reassignment Retraining legacy workers / retrenching others – who has the ability to do something completely new?
  • Getting Performance Management right – aligned to strategy an success measures of the new business
  • Getting Training right – online, adaptive and continuous as the business evolves.
  • Getting HR Organization right – automate the administration so HR can add commercial partnering on the real people challenges.

Our Digital HR advisory service is here to help with this challenge!