Technology provides organisations with some of the greatest opportunities to grow and compete. It can drive innovation and help advance your company’s products and services. However, choosing the right technology solution for your organisation can be complex and somewhat overwhelming. With a number of cloud solutions and emerging technologies now available, it’s not uncommon for organisations to lose their way on what is right for them, with key deciding factors overlooked. Our Technology Consulting and Solutions team works with clients to design, execute and optimise their Technology investments and transformation strategies. We understand your objectives, long-term view of future growth and needs , helping you to select and implement solutions that match your technology investments with your business and growth strategy.

How we can help?

Technology Solutions Consulting

We help businesses select and deploy the most appropriate solutions for their business success, ensuring they operate effectively and efficiently.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Our team helps clients to design a data architecture, supported with tools that provide meaningful business intelligence to your management team.

ERP Suite in a Box

Our approach starts with an assessment of your business model and processes to identify information flows and possible operating system improvements. Our practical recommendations will be given with an appropriate selection of a ERP Suite applied across your organization.

Financial Reporting Compliance Package Solutions

Putting financials at heart, this service helps to deliver Financial Reporting Compliance to our clients for both local requirements and international standards.

Third-Party ERP Extensions

Our service provides clients with any expansion, development or integration needed based on preferences of their industry vertical requirements.

Localisation, Roll Out and rebuild project

We help our clients to review both local and group requirements and support roll-outs, identify issues and risks, and quickly apply the new system and customise it for local implementation and compliance.

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