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Grant Thornton is a leading business adviser that helps dynamic organisations to unlock their potential for growth.

Audit and Assurance Services

Grant Thornton's audit services focus on client service quality and building long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on having a Partner-led service for all our audit Clients. We commit to being responsive and spending the time required understanding your business and meeting the agreed timeframes.

Tax Services

Our tax professionals are dedicated to creating distinctive, and often innovative, tax solutions. Our approach starts by developing an in-depth understanding of your business operations. We then focus on minimising risk and developing effective solutions to your tax challenges.

Advisory Services

If you are seeking to acquire or merge, divest or dispose, restructure or raise capital, equitise or list, or you are looking at identifying and mitigating your business risks, reviewing business processes and internal controls for operational improvement, and testing and improving your IT systems, Grant Thornton Vietnam’s experienced Advisory Services Team can assist you with our wide range of consulting services.

DigiTech Innovation

With this service, Grant Thornton can help you in increasing the company's time flexibility and direct quality control. We can help increasing the speed of your business processes. We can help you decide which processes could be most usefully outsourced. We can provide organisational and process oriented advice to take the responsibility out of task management.

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