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Audit Quality

Partner led

The Audit Partners will lead from the front throughout the audit cycle, taking full responsibility for the quality of our audit services.

Risk focused

We will focus on areas of greater risk in your business. Issues are identified and addressed at an early stage.

Highly automated

We adopted LEAP - an innovative audit approach, via the use of our audit software Voyager and supplementary  software Tbeam and Pentana Checker. This enables the audit team to generate audit programs that are tailored to  client specific situations and focused on the identified risk areas. This approach helps to deliver more extensive and  proactive advice.



Planning the Audit

What we do

  • extend our knowledge of the business to assess risk
  • understand the concerns of management
  • liaison with overseas auditors

What you see

  • regular contact between the management and our audit team


Agreeing the Audit strategy

What we do

  • assess materiality
  • produce an audit strategy memorandum

What you see

  • meetings to discuss the content of the audit strategy memorandum and timetable


Fieldwork stage

What we do

  • assess effectiveness of controls
  • revisit initial risk assessment
  • complete substantive testing programmes
  • evaluate results of work

What you see

  • prompt reporting of issues as they arise
  • meetings with management to discuss progress
  • locally based knowledgeable staff



What we do

  • prepare and issue a detailed agenda on key issues
  • issue an audit opinion

What you see

  • meetings to discuss any issues from the audit
  • audit opinion on the financial statements
  • reports and attendance at Audit Committee meetings