Day-to-day business operations should be conducted seamlessly. Therefore, we can streamline your business operations by covering the inefficiencies of accounting system and removing them, which will save your business time and costs.


  • applicable and efficient accounting system
  • applicable and efficient accounting procedures
  • efficient work assignments and positions of accounting staffs
  • efficient internal controls for accounting system and procedures
  • requested and required accounting reports

How Grant Thornton can help:

  1. We conduct a focused review of the current accounting procedures to expose inefficiencies and make recommendations for improvement. Our team will then work with your management to design and implement the best policy and procedure to ensure seamless functionality.
  2. Our Accounting System Review will look at the main cycles such as revenue recognition, purchases, fixed assets, payroll, cash handling and banking as well as any associated financial risk.
  3. Our recommendations always look to utilise the best available technology and simplify the processes.


Le Minh Thang
Partner, Head of Business Process Solutions
Le Minh Thang