Optimizing your tax position by complying with fast-changing tax provisions and in rigorous enforcement by the Tax Department, especially with constraint of experienced staff, is a challenge for enterprises.

We, Grant Thornton Vietnam, have designed services to assist enterprises in complying with the tax law with potential outcomes as follows:

  • Ensure compliance with tax regulations even when they change frequently;
  • Enhance the Company’s tax benefits; and
  • Create a good image towards the Tax Authority and other relevant Authorities with regard to the Company’s tax compliance profile.

Approaches and services:

Your business: Effective & effcient setup system of tax compliance to meet with the compliance requirements

Service 1: Initial registration and setting up

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Initial tax information registration and notification;
  • Tax briefing on main types of taxes and Guidance on documentation for tax filing.

Timeline: less than 4 weeks.


  • Tax registration and notification;
  • Recommendations in the documents.

Your business: Keep updated with changes in laws to minimize wrong declarations

Service 2: Management and monitor

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Prepare/ review provisional and final tax returns;
  • Provide guidance on documentation for tax filing for cases while operating.

Timeline: less than 4 weeks


  • Tax returns in line with regulations
  • Recommendations in the documents

Your business: Mitigation of penalties upon audit by tax authority.

Service 3: Tax audit assistance

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Send team to attend tax audit;
  • Guide explanation/discussion with the local tax department.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks.


  • Suggest input for tax audit working minutes and final minutes
  • Report of tax audit progress

Your business: Appeal against unfavorable treatments

Service 4: Tax petition

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Draft/ submit petition letter;
  • Follow up to have meetings with the authorities.

Timeline: 3-8 weeks.

Deliverable: The offcial response from the authority.


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