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The price to rent factory in industrial zone in Vietnam has escalated in recent years and excessive rental cost could be placed an added burden onto business. In making decision on which industrial zone to locate the operations in Vietnam, there are several factors that must be considered to leverage suitable benefits for operations. Location, cost, government incentives and infrastructure are key factors to having a successful operation in such industrial zones. When weighing these factors, investors should consider to have a professional advisor to be involved in the process of assessing suitable cost efficient location for your operation.

Grant Thornton Vietnam’s one-stop services are designed to provide comprehensive support to both new and current investors who are planning to expand or restructure their business in Vietnam. Our professionals have established strong working relationships with landlords, property developers and authorities at various localities. With extensive experiences in liaison with the relevant agencies, we offer assistance including negotiation on land rental rates and efficient management of licensing process. Our customized and flexible solutions can bring benefits of cost efficient location, accelerate licensing process, and optimize tax opportunities while remaining in compliance with legislation.

Approaches and services

Service 1: Appropriate cost efficient location


  • Introduction and identification of suitable locations
  • Assess available tax incentives
  • Assessment of location that best suits your needs and requirements factories/offices
  • Assist in negotiation with the landlords/ property developers for favourable price

Timeline: Less than 4 weeks

Deliverable: Cost efficient location/relocation

Service 2: Set-up OR Restructure Vietnam entity


  • Provide comments on the most feasible implementation process
  • Assist in obtaining/ amending the relevant business licenses such as Investment Registration Certificate, Enterprise Registration Certificate, Specialised sub-licenses, etc.

We also assist in the post-licensing procedures as required by the Vietnam laws.

Timeline: 3-6 months depend on business type/sector

Deliverable: New/updated licenses

Service 3: Mitigate tax risks and optimise tax position


  • Initial tax registration and setting up (if required)
  • Prepare/review provisional and finalization tax returns
  • Provide guidance on documentation for tax filling

Timeline: In accordance with regulations

Deliverable: Tax registration notification

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