Our tax services help you gain trust and stay ahead, enabling you to manage your tax transparently and ethically.

Our approach to developing effective solutions is to:

  • Analyse your business operations, prioritise issues based on the risk they present
  • Review your current tax position to determine whether tax obligations are being met and if the Company has potential tax liabilities or assets
  • Research relevant regulations and guidance to offer practical solutions based on our experience and deep knowledge base
  • Guide you through the process and ensure effective implementation, lay the foundations for future efficiency benefits and risk reduction
  • Defend the structure against challenges by the tax authorities
  • Alert you on the latest tax developments
  • Assistance to obtain various sub-licenses, work permits, visas, and other regulatory documents. Furthermore, a special task team will be setup to handle business functions for clients in the event of a management crisis, recruit, train and transfer staff required by clients


How we can help?

Licensing services

Licensing services

International tax planning

Our extensive international network provides us with significant resources to meet all your expansion goals. We strive to develop commercially focused and tailored tax strategies to minimise tax exposures and maximise business efficiency.

Expatriate tax planning

We have a broad knowledge base and skills to assist you keep your personal income taxes to a legitimate and reasonable level, while remaining compliant with legislation. We can develop a personalised package for each key employee to take maximum advantage of the exemptions and incentives available.

Tax advisory

We will review the proposed business model and transactions and advise on tax implications and recommendations to optimize the tax opportunities under the local regulations and treaties which Vietnam entered into. Furthermore, we coordinate with our GT global tax team to provide a comprehensive tax advisory for the countries involved in the business model and transactions.

Tax compliance services

This service is designed to assist enterprises to cope with the statutory tax declaration requirements in line with the Vietnamese tax laws as well as the frequent changes and updates in tax laws.

Tax health check

Our Tax Health Check involves a high-level review of specific tax areas to highlight the key issues that need to be rectified in order to reduce tax risks. Through our extensive experience, we have identified key risk areas in which many enterprises are not fully compliant or often overlook potential tax planning opportunities. Our tax health check service represents a cost-effective method to proactively manage risks and reduce potential issues arising as a result of a tax inspection.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is a pervasive tax issue among multinational companies. In Vietnam, the tax authorities require special documentation to report related party transactions. Compliance with transfer pricing regulations is an important aspect of doing business effectively in Vietnam as failure to do so may result in significant penalties.

Tax due diligence

We conduct tax due diligence reviews of target companies to analyse their tax exposure and position in relation to acquisitions, mergers or consolidations. We are able to integrate this service with our Advisory Services department in order to offer a comprehensive, holistic due diligence review.

Customs and international trade

Our experienced professionals can help you manage customs issues more effectively through valuation planning and making use of available free trade agreements. We also assist Clients in optimising their customs procedures by making use of potential duty exemptions and efficient import-export structures. Risk mitigation activities include customs audit defense and compliance reviews.

M&A Transaction

We advise numerous foreign investors on efficient tax structures for their investments. Our experience allows you to consider all the options and set up a corporate structure that meets both operational and tax efficiency requirements. In short, the structure that is best for you.

Industrial Zones – Picking A Location For Your Business

Grant Thornton Vietnam’s one-stop services are designed to provide comprehensive support to both new and current investors who are planning to expand or restructure their business in Vietnam. Our professionals have established strong working relationships with landlords, property developers and authorities at various localities. With extensive experiences in liaison with the relevant agencies, we offer assistance including negotiation on land rental rates and efficient management of licensing process. Our customized and flexible solutions can bring benefits of cost efficient location, accelerate licensing process, and optimize tax opportunities while remaining in compliance with legislation.

Tax Audit Support

Tax audit support services provide comprehensive assistance to your business in Vietnam. Recent tax practices have shown the general tendency of launching routine tax audit on yearly basis. Tax authorities have been effectively using more sophisticated methods to identify target entities from across different industry sectors.

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Partner, Head of Tax Services
Hoang Khoi
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