Tax implications, tax liabilities and tax risks are always essential concerns for both local and foreign enterprises, not only before commencement of an investment project, but also during its operation as well as planning for an exit from the business in Vietnam.

Grant Thornton Vietnam has designed services that enable enterprises to comply with tax laws in Vietnam, and optimizes tax opportunities under the local regulations and treaties which Vietnam has entered into. Additionally, we coordinate with our Grant Thornton global tax team providing comprehensive tax advisory support for countries involved in the business model and transactions

Approaches and services

Service 1: Effective and efficient tax structure set-up

  • Advisory on the tax efficient business model
  • Discuss business plans and initialize tax efficient structure or review of the current business structure
  • Analyze key transactions
  • Discuss Permanent Establishment issues, Capital Gain Tax, Tax incentives; and, available Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement
  • Identify risks and benefits under tax laws
  • Recommend tax efficient structure

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Deliverable: Meeting; advisory memo.

Service 2: Proper management of the tax structure

  • Assistance in handling tax documentation
  • Advise on the documentation
  • Prepare draft of tax documents or review
  • Make recommendation on the documents to be prepared by enterprises

Timeline: less than 4 weeks.

Deliverable: Advisory memo; draft tax document.

Service 3: Updating structure based on changes to the laws

  • Retain and update structure
  • Advisory on the new laws
  • Review the current tax efficient structure to accommodate changes

Timeline: less than 4 weeks


  • Advisory memo
  • Provide amendment or suggest amendments to the current tax efficient structure

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