Early tax planning can be significantly beneficial to your financial position.

We, Grant Thornton Vietnam, have a broad knowledge base and skills to go beyond tax compliance and provide you tax planning strategies to keep your Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) to a legitimate and reasonable level, while remaining compliant with the legislation.

Approaches and services:

Your business: Update tax benefits

Service 1: Initial meeting

  • Grant Thornton’s solutions:
  • Review the remuneration package to assess tax exposure;
  • Arrange face-to-face meeting;
  • Provide brief introduction on tax regime and mandatory insurance requirements.

Timeline: 1-2 hours.

Deliverable: Memo; Meeting.

Your business: How to achieve tax benefits under regulations

Service 2: Tax planning advisory

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Analyze the expatriate’s compensation structure;
  • Advise on structuring of remuneration package to take maximum advantage of the exemptions and tax incentives available;
  • Identify tax exposure, if any.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks.

Deliverable: Written advisory report.

Your business: Optimize tax benefits

Service 3: Tax planning implementation

Grant Thornton’s solution:

  • Draft the Vietnam assignment letter;
  • Guide the preparation of documentation;
  • Assist in notifying tax exemption under the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement applicable.

Timeline: 3-6 weeks.

Deliverable: Written advisory report.

Your business: Tax clearance

Service 4: Tax clearance

  • Handle tax finalization;
  • Assist during tax audit;
  • Obtain tax payment certificate.

Timeline: 3-8 weeks.


  • Annual tax finalization
  • Certificate
  • Meeting with authority to clarify issue

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