Why our services

What sets us apart is our distinctive client experience which contributes to more meaningful audit & assurance services and a better relationship.

Comprehensive services

Providing comprehensive services, from Statutory audit, Financial statements Audit, FRAS services, Reporting Accountant, Compilation of financial information, Cross-border audit, US GAAP audit and Agreed-upon procedures.

Global Presence

We use a single audit approach and methodology globally, which means we can offer you consistent, high quality services wherever you are in the world.

Unmatched Connects

Our audit and assurance services have been utilised by a wide range of clients from dynamic private companies to public companies competing in global markets.

Focused clients

We have been part of your growth journey and helped you to develop an understanding of, and to meet, your growing compliance obligations along the way.

Extensive knowledge

Our financial and accounting expertise is complemented by our continued focus on ongoing education and staying across the latest developments in technical and financial reporting and accounting standards.


What we offer

Our services can strengthen your business and stakeholders’ confidence. You’ll receive professionally verified results and insights that help you grow.

At Grant Thornton we offer more than just auditing. With personalised attention and domestic and local market knowledge, from Partners and Managers, we offer understanding and provide insights that help businesses succeed.

We believe it to be of paramount importance to add value to our audit. Indeed, the very culture of Grant Thornton and the demands placed upon us by our Client base is all about challenging the way our Clients operate and bringing a different and independent perspective and input to their businesses.

The Grant Thornton audit process gives us a thorough  understanding of our Client’s business and requires us to assess the business risks and control systems, which puts us in a unique position to add value to your Company.

We are highly experienced in managing audit  assignments. All of our auditors use common audit  systems based on our GTI LEAP approach. We believe  that success will only be delivered through having a  close working relationship with your accounting team and through careful, well-instituted planning, in order to  promote understanding and buy into our common goals  and timetables.

Clients come to us for our global scale, quality, industry insight and deep technical expertise.

We work with dynamic organisations every day, addressing the most important issues they face and accumulating insights that work for you.

We are valued for our deep technical expertise and insights into your industry and its regulatory landscape. Whatever your ambitions, Grant Thornton can help you get there.

  • Statutory audit

  • Review of financial statements and financial information

  • Agreed-upon procedures

  • FRAS services

  • Compilation of financial information

  • Reporting accountant

  • Cross-border audit

  • US GAAP audit

How we can help?

International Financial Reporting Advisory Services

IFRS reporting advisory serivces of Grant Thornton are carried out by our dedicated team with expertise in IFRS implementation.

Audit Services

Audit Services

Audit Quality

Audit Quality

Audit Approach

Audit Approach

Nguy Quoc Tuan
Partner, Head of Audit and Assurance
Nguy Quoc Tuan