All operated entities need to be set up the accounting and tax systems to comply with the local regulations and requirements of internal management and investors. This service can help you to set up initially as a basis then transfer for your well business operation and management consequently.


  • design a proper chart of accounts
  • proper accounting and reporting processes
  • proper jobs descriptions for the entities’ staffs
  • software selection and advisory
  • internal controls for accounting and reporting processes
  • required and proper reports
  • required and submitted taxes reporting obligations
  • accounting and taxes training courses
  • transferring processes

 How Grant Thornton can help:

  1. We can support you in designing your accounting and taxes systems and organisation of related accounting and taxes processes.
  2. Our support to you is for striving to increase the effectiveness of the accounting and taxes function within your business.
  3. Our support involves designing and implementation by training courses and transferring processes.
Le Minh Thang
Partner, Head of Business Process Solutions
Le Minh Thang