Depending on the size and the selected legal form of accompany, they may be obliged to prepare an annual report such as statistical reports, charter and investment capital reports. Furthermore, shareholders, owners and management also would like to be informed about financial and non-financial information on a regular basis.


  • compilation of group packages, management reports and budget reconciliations
  • preparation of group consolidation reports and analysis
  • preparation of a financial statement under available financial information and analysis
  • statistical reports for employees, charter capital, investment capital, revenue, …
  • industry information and analysis
  • suppliers, customers and competitors information and analysis
  • translation of accounting transactions
  • convert financial statements under a specific GAAP to another.

How Grant Thornton can help:

Grant Thornton can help you fulfill your duty to keep records, guaranteeing that the public and other stakeholders will be presented with comprehensive and reliable reports.


Le Minh Thang
Partner, Head of Business Process Solutions
Le Minh Thang