Recognizing digital technology’s crucial role in today’s business, Grant Thornton Vietnam is now determined to assist its clients in unlocking the potential for growth through a greater digital orientation. We have launched our business line called Technology Solutions Consulting. Our team of professionals and industry experts look forward providing practical consultancies and end-to-end technology solutions to the client, enabling excellent management and operations in the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Grant Thornton Vietnam proudly becomes a strategic partner of Oracle NetSuite and SAP – two global ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers. With this strong partnership, we envision to strengthen our consulting practice through enriching our valued clients’ choices of a complete digital and technology solutions for Digital Transformation journey ahead.


How we can help?

Comprehensive ERP system solution

ERP software is a tool for business operations, production management, order processing and inventory in the business process. Today, ERP software for small and medium businesses has been greatly improved to help businesses manage their business better. The article below will answer all relevant information about what ERP software is and offer the most suitable ERP solution for businesses. Let's follow along!

Analyze Business Administration data

We believe in the value that data can bring to the success and development of every business. Our team helps design data architecture supported by tools, to support business governance and provide useful information to management.

Financial reporting compliance solution package

Putting financial issues at the heart, this service helps ensure that financial reports for customers comply with both the requirements of Vietnamese accounting regulations and standards (VAS) as well as reporting standards. international finance (IFRS).

Third-party ERP extensions

ERP is a long-term solution that requires long-term travel, not short-term. We understand that many businesses cannot deploy the entire ERP system at once due to many different reasons, instead businesses can deploy each part. Over time, these solutions can be expanded to accommodate improved business processes or can even link completely new processes across different departments.

Localize, deploy and rebuild the project

Quite a few ERP projects need to be implemented according to current Vietnamese requirements and regulations, but still comply with common international business requirements. These projects need some improvements and adjustments in the right direction.

Consulting on technology solutions

We support the selection and implementation of the most suitable solutions, ensuring business efficiency and performance. We will work closely with customers to plan, evaluate and implement the right technology investment strategies and solutions to meet the development needs of businesses.

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