What is Oracle NetSuite solution​

Oracle NetSuite  is designed to streamline key business processes, from finance, supply chain management, payments and more, to help businesses stay focused on what they need. what they do best and respond to new market opportunities quickly and confidently. NetSuite ERP gives businesses clearer visibility into their business and helps them take control of their business operations.

Oracle NetSuite functionality

NetSuite provides an end-to-end process and functionality to aggregate and synchronize data from multiple information sources into a single system that can serve the individual and diverse needs of different departments such as human resources, finance, warehouse, supply, purchasing, R&D... that the business process needs to have:


  • Order management
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Production manager
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Purchase manager
  • Financial report
  • Smart reporting


  • Manage orders, quotes, upsells
  • Manage sales forecasts
  • Automate your sales team
  • Automate marketing activities
  • Customer support service


  • Multi-channel sales management
  • Smart order management
  • Integrate with shipping units
  • View overall customer information 360

Oracle NetSuite solution

Oracle Netsuite is a cloud ERP system that helps companies gain unprecedented real-time visibility into their business and helps automate critical financial processes. This will help put your organization on a high growth trajectory. Oracle Netsuite ERP is the only incredible ERP system on the market, with a wide range of features including:

NetSuite Solutions by Industry

  • Manufacturing industry: NetSuite ERP is equipped with specific features suitable for the manufacturing industry and supports flexible customization, faster processing speed, all daily operations are automated, and company-wide data is available. are all linked and consistent with the operating process.
  • Wholesale industry:  NetSuite ERP is a great tool to help wholesalers manage complex channels as the consumer market and distribution channels become increasingly large.
  • Retail industry:  NetSuite ERP helps businesses have an effective business strategy thanks to automation processes in business management and the ability to meet diverse consumer needs, bringing long-term success. long.
  • CRM:  NetSuite CRM creates solutions to maintain optimal relationships with business customers, providing quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasting and e-commerce integration.
  • E-commerce:  Unify all steps of customer purchases on the website, meet customer needs on all e-commerce platforms, reduce operating costs, increase profits.