Nowadays, trading activities are not limited to domestic territories. The world is capitalising upon the strengths of each country. Mastering the international trading agreements and domestic customs laws is a prerequisite for enterprises performing their business in Vietnam and avoiding any customs related risks.

Grant Thornton Vietnam’s customs team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in customs, Free Trade Agreements, domestic regulations and could assist or advise the clients to comply with local or international laws, supporting practices for efficient operations, including:

  • Establishing efficient import/export trading structures/customs planning;
  • Monthly customs advisory; and
  • Assistance in customs audits and investigations.

Approaches and services:

Your business: Pre-trading

Services 1: Customs planning

Grant Thornton’s solutions: Advise on feasible and effective structures for both business and customs purposes.

Timeline: 1-3 weeks.


  • Advisory Report;
  • Meeting/email for clarification

Your business: Daily operation issues

Service 2: Customs monthly retainer

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Short and prompt advice on general customs matters;
  • Compact advice for specific issues (ad-hoc services)


  • 1 – 3 working days for monthly customs retainer
  • 1 – 3 weeks for Customs ad-hoc advisory services


  • Customs monthly alert,
  • Verbal/email advice for short and non-deep matters;
  • Full advice under ad-hoc services

Your business: Customs Audits at importation stage and post-customs-clearance

Service 3: Customs Audit assistance

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Send a team to attend customs audit;
  • Assist in explanation/ discussion with the local customs department.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks.


  • Suggest input for customs audit working minutes and final minutes;
  • Report the customs audit progress.

Your business: Appeal for unfavorable 

Service 4: Customs petition

Grant Thornton’s solutions:

  • Draft/submit petition letter to make a defence toward the Clients’ customs position;
  • Follow up to have meetings with the authorities.

Timeline: 3-8 weeks.

Deliverable: The official response from the authority

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