Tax Audit Support

Tax audit can be complex and stressful for any business, but there are ways that enterprises can stay on the right side and make the process as painless as possible. Enterprises need to keep an accounting data up-to-date and should approach the tax audit with preventative measures and diversified methods of dispute resolution in order to achieve the best possible results of tax inspection.

Grant Thornton Vietnam’s tax audit support services are designed to provide comprehensive consulting in planning, implementation, and assistance to tax audit. Through decades of supporting clients on a broad range of tax issues, our customized and flexible solutions can bring benefits to specific circumstances of each client in Vietnam.

Approaches and services

Service 1: Effective and efficient tax structure


  • Review the current structure model of operation from tax perspective;
  • Identify tax issues associated with operation, including Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”), Value Added Tax (“VAT”), Foreign Contractor Tax (“FCT”), Personal Income Tax (“PIT”), and Transfer Pricing (“TP”);
  • Recommend improvement and remedial action where necessary to optimize tax position of the company.

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Deliverable: Recommendation in writing

Service 2: Mitigate tax risks due to lack of legitimate and sufficient supporting documents


  • Provide checklist with detail guidance of documentation;
  • Assist in preparing template/develop templates for documentation purposes;
  • Assist in preparation of the documents in accordance with Vietnam TP legal framework;


  • 2-4 weeks for general tax
  • 6-8 weeks for TP

Deliverable: Data/documents available for tax audit

Service 3: Deal with tax audit & Appeal for unfavourable treatment (if any)


  • Assign a team of professionals to assist with tax audit;
  • Provide proper response to queries/ challenges from tax authorities;
  • Support the company to appeal against unfavourable acts of the tax authorities (if any).

Timeline: In accordance with regulations

Deliverable: Inspection closure with tax audit minutes and decisions issued by authorities

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