National Head of Advisory Services Nguyen Thi Vinh Ha



If you are seeking to acquire or merge, divest or dispose, restructure or raise capital, equitise or list, or you are looking at identifying and mitigating your business risks, reviewing business processes and internal controls for operational improvement, and testing and improving your IT systems, Grant Thornton Vietnam’s experienced Advisory Services Team can assist you with our wide range of consulting services.

Business Valuations

Our Advisory Services professionals have extensive experience in business valuations. These can be performed independently or as part of your process of equitisation, listing or raising private equity. We act as a registered business appraiser and independent expert.

We use in-depth research into the economy, the industry, “guideline” companies, and your business and use international best practice to provide you with quality, independent valuations of your business.

Equitisation Consulting and Listing Preparation

When you are looking to equitise, privatise or launch an IPO, we provide assistance by:

  • Preparing equitisation action plans to international standards
  • Recommending appropriate structures and business models
  • Assisting Management to prepare forecasts or we can review their forecasts
  • Identifying cornerstone investors and partners
  • Providing advice on corporate and financial matters to help you maximise returns and achieve ntended outcomes.

When you prepare to list on a stock exchange, either locally or overseas, we help you by:

  • Grooming the company and preparing a strategy
  • Helping prepare a prospectus that will attract the attention of serious investors and in accordance with market requirements.

Transaction Support

Inevitably, most growing businesses need to consider making local or cross-border investments and/ or acquisitions. Our role is to identify potential risks in the transaction and offer suggestions how these may be mitigated. Thus we enable owners and managers to make investments with confidence by supporting and advising throughout the transaction.

We provide extensive due diligence which we tailor to each specific transaction that delivers a report that comprehensively analyses the target business. This typically includes:

  • Market and competitor analyses
  • Historical financial performance
  • Management capabilities
  • Sustainability of market position
  • Financial projections, including cash flows
  • Working capital reviews.

Project Finance

We assist you in developing a well-planned and structured approach to achieve your financing objectives for a business or investment project by:

  • Raising debt and equity from domestic and international markets
  • Advising, preparing an Information Memorandum and assistance in negotiations
  • Managing the deal to a successful completion.

Lead Advisory

Careful planning and co-ordination are needed to achieve success in any business venture. With strategic advice, we help you strengthen your business by:

  • Broadening your ownership base
  • Raising capital    
  • Developing strategic alliances
  • Management assessment
  • Exit strategy services
  • Strategic performance reviews.

We assist you in developing effective plans and strategies with options such as mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, turnaround, divestiture, disposal or asset management.


Even the best run companies can run into difficulties and when that happens it is important to act quickly to minimise loss and maximise achievement of planned outcomes. We can assist in the following areas:

  • Accelerated M&A
  • Restructuring
  • Making arrangements with creditors
  • Refinancing
  • Helping find investors
  • Turnaround strategy.

Governance advisory

We provide regulatory and compliance support and advise, review corporate governance arrangements and help to obtain regulatory authorisation from a strategic, business as usual or problem solving perspective.

SOX Consulting

We can assist you in complying with the financial disclosure and internal control requirements of various regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 for US-based listed companies, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan for Japan-based listed companies (J-SOX).

We can also help your Audit Committee and Board of Directors establish appropriate corporate governance procedures.

Governance standards benchmarking

We can benchmark your organisation’s governance policies, procedures and processes with the codes and standards set forth by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to ensure that the organisation practises and meet good governance standards.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) advisory

We can act as your ERM consultant and facilitator to increase your organisations confidence in managing key business risks and in responding to uncertainties. 

We will help your organisation identify vital strategies and action plans that address key business risks. Using ERM we can also help you re-engineer management practices and develop effective strategies to execute risk management practices across your organisation.

Internal Audit

We provide internal audit services to organisations to give owners, Management and investors peace of mind that corporate risks are effectively managed and that the control environment is operating effectively.

Internal audit outsourcing

We provide outsourced and co-sourced internal audit (IA) services.

We can work with you to assess your enterprise level risk, identify the areas of greatest vulnerability, and develop appropriate work plans and audit programs to mitigate these risks.  

We can also cross-post our staff to complement your IA function with the guarantee that the people who will be assigned to your organisation will be selected based on the qualifications and expertise you require.

Internal audit transformation

We can help you assess your IA function and determine gaps between your current IA practices and the leading practices in a risk-based audit approach. We can help develop the skills of internal auditors, and thus enhance the value of the IA activity to your organisation.

Operational improvement advisory

We can assist your organisation in looking for structured ways of continuously improving your operations to improve bottom-line performance and ensure organisational behaviour is aligned to the corporate strategy.

Business process review and reengineering

We can help you improve business performance by addressing efficiency and effectiveness issues. Our solutions consider the alignment of people/ organisations, technology and business processes.

Taking into account your industry and your unique organisational needs, our professionals will study your business processes as part of laying the groundwork from which we can assess whether or not your organisational design and performance metrics support your strategic goals.

Process documentation and manual preparation

We can help you improve the documentation of your systems and processes in order to reflect the current procedures of your organisation, and benchmark it with industry leading practices. Process documentation may be in the form of process flow narratives, flowcharts or a manual of operations.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We can help your organisation build management reporting dashboards and use your data to get better insights into your business - how it performs, what contributes to performance, what are the costs - in order to make better business decisions.

Analytics can also be used to analyse significant accounts, both for purposes of financial audits and performance of agreed-upon procedures related to fraud examinations.

Fraud and forensics

In most companies, it is estimated that 7 percent of revenues are lost to fraud. We can help you mitigate your fraud exposures and advise you regarding appropriate actions you can take to detect and prevent fraud

Fraud vulnerability assessment

We can assist you in assessing your organisation’s vulnerability to fraud and in strengthening your internal controls to prevent it. We will develop an understanding of your business processes in order to assess your vulnerability to fraud and identify fraud risk factors. We can then provide solutions to eliminate the gaps and efficiently manage the identified risks.

Agreed-upon fraud examination

We provide investigative services to detect or quantify fraud, coordinating our work with your senior management, your legal or internal audit/regulation functions or law enforcement agencies. Our work may be required in support of criminal proceedings.

In cases where fraud has already been committed, we can assist you to quantify its impact on your organisation to help you craft an appropriate response.

Capability Enhancement

Our capability-enhancement programmes are designed to assist appropriate personnel in the proper discharge of their mandate. Our programmes are conducted by professionals who have extensive experience in their respective fields.

We can conduct classroom-type sessions and seminars customised to your needs.

Internal Audit

This training programme will focus on the internal audit activity’s role in your organisation and how to  lign it with the company’s overall governance process.

Fraud Tools

Through this programme, we will give you the know-how needed to prevent or detect fraud committed by employees and third parties.


We can conduct classroom-type sessions to discuss with your management team the framework and processes involved in successfully implementing ERM in your organisation.

Data analytics

We can help enhance your personnel’s data analytic skills using computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs) tools such as Excel, ACL and IDEA.