Grant Thornton Assurance Service Overview

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National Head of Audit and Assurance Nguy Quoc Tuan



Grant Thornton's audit services focus on client service quality and building long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on having a Partner-led service for all our audit Clients. We commit to being responsive and spending the time required understanding your business and meeting the agreed timeframes.

At Grant Thornton we offer more than just auditing. With personalised attention and domestic and local market knowledge from Partners and managers, we offer understanding and provide insights that help businesses succeed.

We offer a wide range of audit and assurance services including, among others, the following:

Statutory Audit

Financial audit for local and foreign owned entities whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards (“VAS”) for statutory filing or submission to local authorities.

IFRS Audit

Audit of local and foreign owned entities whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) either for overseas regulatory and/or filings with foreign stock exchanges, group reporting or management purposes and submission to banks and foreign investors. We also audit financial statements prepared under “IFRS for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.

Review of Financial Statements and Financial Information

We offer limited review services (less detailed and hence providing a lower level of assurance than a full audit) for interim reports of listed companies and other entities as required.

Reporting Accountant

We review and provide comments on historical financial information included in the admission documents for listing purposes.

Compilation of Financial Information

In addition to using accounting and reporting expertise in audit engagements to express an opinion on the true and fair view of the financial statements, we also offer our expertise to compile and help you to prepare financial statements in accordance with either VAS, IFRS or US GAAP.

Cross-border audits

Grant Thornton International (“GTI”) member firms work together on cross-border assignments. Cross-border engagements often involve the collaboration of two or more GTI member firms in delivering audit services for entities that operate and have reporting requirements in more than one jurisdiction. Our global audit methodology and audit tools provide us with a common platform. This allows us to share and transfer electronic audit files and data easily and securely among participating GTI offices. Our extensive experience in cross-border audits put us in a commanding role to provide this type of assurance service.


We are accredited with the PCAOB to perform audit of entities with US GAAP, US SEC and specific bourse filing and reporting requirements in accordance with US Generally Accepted Standards on Auditing.

Agreed-upon Procedures

We can assist you in a myriad of areas and matters by conducting specific procedures on specified financial information for a particular special purpose and then preparing a report based on these procedures.

Our audit methodology and tools

Working with you, we tailor our assurance services to address your unique requirements by applying our Horizon audit methodology and utilising our latest audit tools. Horizon is designed to deliver a consistent standard of audit service to Clients, no matter where they operate.

Company and industry-specific focus

Horizon features a Partner-led process that focuses the audit efforts in those areas of the financial statements that represent the greatest risk. Using Horizon to its full potential requires our understanding of your business and the environment in which it operates. In addition to providing insight for making better risk assessments, this deep understanding places our audit team in an ideal position to provide valuable advice and recommendations.

State-of-the-art audit tools

Voyager supports the Horizon audit methodology. Using Voyager, audit teams identify financial statement risks and link them to the processes and internal controls that you have established to address those risks. This enables our team to tailor an audit response that is appropriate to the assessed risks.

Presently, Voyager also generates audit programs for 16 different industries (and counting) that are customised for individual Client situations and focused on your financial statement risk areas.

Voyager assists audit teams in documenting, evaluating design effectiveness and testing internal controls. As a result, it helps auditors to identify opportunities for strengthening internal controls. 

Our audit teams also use IDEA, a data extraction and analysis tool, to analyse voluminous transactions and huge quantities of financial data, independently verify calculations, efficiently calculate and select samples to be tested. IDEA enables auditors to rapidly extract and analyse data, resulting in an efficient and streamlined audit process that is less burdensome for you and your staff.

Expert involvement

Audit teams draw upon the collective knowledge of professionals and specialists from Grant Thornton International member firms as well as domestic specialists in accounting, auditing, information technology, valuation and taxation.

The Grant Thornton International investment in Horizon and Voyager reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient audits across the globe. Whatever the size of your enterprise, wherever you operate in the world, the Horizon methodology and our Voyager audit software can be tailored to your company, industry and unique business situations.

With us, you can rest assured that you are always in contact with our Partners.