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Grant Thornton International Business Report

Mid-market businesses in Vietnam lowered expectations for international trade

Grant Thornton’s latest International Business Report survey indicated that the ambition for cross-border trade among mid-market businesses in Vietnam reduced remarkably as a result of the global economic slowdown.

According to IBR’s data, when asked about the possibility of expanding exports to more markets, 52% of surveyed businesses in Vietnam affirmed to have plans, a decrease of 10% from the preceding survey. The number of Vietnamese firms expecting higher revenue from overseas markets also saw a drop from 66% to 53%. In contrast, the global average figures recorded a slight increase.

Another observable trend from the IBR survey is the shift in focus to the domestic market by majority of Vietnam’s mid-market enterprises. Only 35% of surveyed companies opted to use overseas suppliers and outsourcers, marking a 10% decrease from the prior survey, and reverting to the levels recorded during the pandemic period. As high inflation in the world leads to a sharp rise in prices of imported raw materials, choosing domestic suppliers and outsourcers is a means to reduce the cost burden for businesses. Overall, the current difficult state of exports seems to have caused firms to rethink their business strategies.

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