Do you want your business to operate efficiently and make remarkable progress in the era of Industry 4.0? Don't miss the opportunity to experience the integrated application of SAP Business One and Telegram, a groundbreaking product designed and pioneered by Grant Thornton Vietnam.

Convenience is the top priority of this application. With seamless integration between SAP Business One and Telegram, you can access your business system from anywhere in the world, even while you are on the move with your mobile devices. Managing tasks and interacting with colleagues has never been easier and more convenient. 

Thanks to the integration of Telegram's chat platform, exchanging information and storing data becomes fast and flexible. Sales representatives can easily update customer information, track sales figures, and participate in group chats, reinforcing team spirit and promoting effective collaboration in their work. 

The integrated application of SAP Business One and Telegram is a reliable companion for remote workers. Wherever you are, the technology connecting through SAP's service layer ensures data synchronization and secure data storage. You can rest assured about the security and storage of your business information.

Contact us now to experience the integrated application of SAP Business One and Telegram. Grant Thornton Vietnam's dedicated and experienced team of experts will support you step by step in the deployment process and fully leverage the potential of this application, helping your business reach new heights and achieve sustainable success.

Let SAP Business One and Telegram accompany your business, unlocking boundless potentials, and making a difference. Grant Thornton Vietnam - A trusted partner for your development goals!

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