Grant Thornton Vietnam deploys SAP Business One General Enterprise Management solution for CJ OliveNetworks

On October 24, 2022, CJ OliveNetworks Vina, a member of CJ Group - Korea, officially launched the project to deploy SAP Business One overall enterprise management solution for branches in Vietnam.

CJ OliveNetworks is a provider of IT professional personnel rental solutions, providing IT infrastructure and equipment as well as high-end application technologies for large-scale businesses (including affiliated companies). Korean corporations and companies and is expected to expand to Vietnamese businesses)

Established in 1995, CJ OliveNetworks Vina Co., Ltd, the company has received a series of very good reviews on service quality for many companies in diverse industries from manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and media. ,… with professional services. With accumulated experience and a team of experts in many countries around the globe, CJ OliveNetworks consults not only on scalable and secure IT infrastructure solutions, but also on advanced technologies such as Big Data, Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, security and many other services.

The SAP Business One project at CJ OliveNetworks is implemented with the scope of Purchasing, Sales, Financial Accounting (VAS and IFRS), Project Budget Management, and building dynamic reporting suites according to needs. management team's reality. With the streamlined SAP Business One solution, the ability to quickly put into use as well as business expansion for CJ OliveNetwork is highly appreciated by the Board of Directors and project implementation members.

By choosing Grant Thornton Vietnam, CJ OliveNetworks believes in the quality of service and consulting ability to maximize the features of SAP Business One in actual operations, meeting project implementation on schedule. expected from the Board of Directors.