Many businesses in Vietnam today have strong and sustainable development in the market. These businesses have developed dramatically thanks to the application of business management software. The article below Grant Thornton will introduce to readers 5 effective overall business management software, of which ERP software is one of the best support tools currently widely popular in Vietnam. . South and the world. Let's find out with Grant Thornton what software it is!

Many businesses in Vietnam today have strong and sustainable development in the market. These businesses have developed dramatically thanks to the application of business management software. The article below Grant Thornton will introduce to readers 5 effective overall business management software, of which ERP software is one of the best support tools currently widely popular in Vietnam. . South and the world. Let's find out with Grant Thornton what software it is!

1. What is business management software?
Overall business management software is a multi-module software application system, integrated into an overall architecture of all activities in the business. When talking about overall business management software, we cannot help but mention ERP as an enterprise resource planning solution. With the help of computers, businesses can automate the implementation of management processes. Issues about accounting, financial analysis, product management, production planning, logistics or customer relationship management... are all strictly controlled through this application.

In addition, ERP also stores, analyzes and provides accurate data, helping businesses know how to allocate internal resources effectively. ERP overall business management software is a powerful tool, bringing many benefits to the daily operations of businesses. Helps businesses work more effectively in long-term planning.

If you are having difficulty with business management, you cannot ignore ERP software

2. Top 5 general management software for businesses 
Overall business management software is a necessary tool today that many business owners trust and use. Below are the 5 most popular software that you can refer to.

BRAVO software is a solution for businesses to solve management and operating problems on a medium scale. With modern programming technology and flexible functions, BRAVO helps business administrators save costs and time in information management to increase profits.

Some advantages of this overall business management software are: Simple, easy-to-understand interface; Flexible functions that can work remotely; Supports user authorization and Activates workflows in the right order thanks to the WorkFlow feature.

Ecount is an overall business management software that has all the necessary functions and is suitable for many different industries and business fields. The software will allow customization of menu interface, items and report templates to suit the needs of the business.

The highlight of this application is its multi-features such as inventory management, business operations management, accounting... In addition, it also has the ability to optimize workload to ensure work continues. normal regardless of fluctuations in the number of employees or changes in the size of the company.

1Office is business management software researched and developed based on scientific thinking methods. Combined with that is a modern technology platform that brings convenience to users. The software ensures uniformity and comprehensiveness, creating convenience when used. 1Office not only provides management software solutions but also provides an extremely effective online working environment on the Internet.

The advantages that 1Office brings include: Providing relevant financial and non-financial reports for businesses; Manage detailed purchase information, purchase plans, payment status as well as delivery; Detailed management of finished product information, automatic quotation, warranty management, delivery and payment management...

Currently, there are many software that help businesses manage their company's operations effectively

AMIS online software is a product developed by MISA Joint Stock Company. This product supports business management comprehensively, economically and quickly. AMIS software will bring users great experiences with simplified operating procedures.

When using this software, businesses will promptly grasp the business situation to provide appropriate solutions thanks to the data it provides. In addition, AMIS can also closely link departmental structures and employees, helping stakeholders solve problems quickly.

ERP software (Full abbreviation is Enterprise Resource Planning) translated into Vietnamese means enterprise resource planning software. In simple words, ERP software provides an all-in-one solution, helping businesses create a unified database between all departments: Accounting, human resources, goods management, import and export. export... This is one of the most popular business management software today.

If in the past, we often used independent, discrete and disconnected software, then with ERP, all software will be integrated into a single system. Managers only need to go through this system to be able to grasp all activities of the department as long as they have an internet connection. Some benefits that ERP brings include:

Accounting and financial management
Accounting and financial data are stored in one place with one version used for all departments, divisions, and branches. When any changes are made, all information is automatically displayed and recalculated to help avoid errors.

Optimal management of human resources
Managing dozens or hundreds of employees at the same time is not simple, especially for large businesses with many branches. But with ERP software, it will be easier for the company to be able to manage the entire workload and working hours of each employee.

Improve working efficiency
In the production and operation process, the larger the scale of an enterprise, the larger the workload and the more complex steps it requires. The ERP system will now be like a tool to automate production processes, input and output management, packaging and a number of other stages. Thanks to that, businesses can save maximum time, minimize costs, promote productivity and reduce the number of unnecessary personnel.

Inventory management
Controlling inventory and handling raw materials will consume a lot of time and manpower. ERP software will manage inventory in the most effective and optimal way.

Customer Information Management
For businesses, customers are the ones who bring them huge profits. Therefore, customer care needs to be taken seriously by businesses to make customers continue to use the product. The function of ERP for businesses is to store full customer information from name, address, problems they are facing... So that you can best serve and care for customers.

Convenient contact
ERP makes communication between departments, divisions, and branches easier. In particular, it will help minimize conflicts of interest between departments within the company.

ERP is one of the most accepted and used solutions in large enterprises in Vietnam

3. Criteria to consider when choosing overall business management software
Unlike software that focuses on individual features, business management software needs to take care of the entire operation of the business. Below are some criteria to help you choose quality overall business management software.

Scientific data storage system
The main purpose of overall business management software is to help all data be managed scientifically. Therefore, you should choose a software where human resource information, business information, products, goods, cash flow... are arranged scientifically.

Irradiation of business operations
Managers can save their working time when applying overall enterprise management software for business operations. This is an extremely important factor to work smarter. You need to look for business management software that integrates features: task management, project management, human resource management, inventory management, accounting, warehouse...

Support interaction and connection 
Today, businesses are more fortunate to grow strongly in the era of advanced technology. Managers can access more means to manage their businesses effectively. Your task is to choose management software that supports interaction at work, ensuring a quick and timely flow of information.

Flexible across multiple platforms 
When choosing general business management software, you should also pay attention to the fact that it can be installed on a variety of platforms. Like it can be installed on phones and PCs to ensure your work gets done anytime, anywhere.

Can integrate 3rd parties 
Many leaders say they want to find a software that meets all the needs of the business. However, if you have to change between software during the digital transformation period, it will cause many difficulties. Therefore, before deciding to use other software, consider whether that software can integrate with third parties or not. This will make the transition easier for you.

Criteria for selecting business solution software will help you choose the most satisfactory application

4. Grant Thornton – A reputable provider of business management solutions in Vietnam
Grant Thornton is a multinational organization. In 1993, Grant Thornton was present in Vietnam, providing overall business management software solutions. The company provides services: Auditing, financial consulting, business solutions, auditing, recruitment consulting, financial consulting, business solutions, giving businesses many choices.

Grant Thornton has achieved many achievements such as: Outstanding Customer Service Quality Award organized by Vietnam Economic Times and Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for achievements in building and developing the audit profession and industry. independence in Vietnam. Thereby, you can be completely assured of Grant Thornton's reputation.

Grant Thornton is a reputable company providing overall ERP business management software.

Through the above article, we have together discovered effective overall business management software commonly used today. With the above sharing, Grant Thornton hopes that you will choose a suitable solution for your business. If you are interested in ERP software and want to learn about this software, please visit the link: or call the hotline: 024 3850 1686!