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Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy in Vietnam

27 Oct 2020

Valerie Teo and Nguyen Tan Tai, of Grant Thornton Vietnam, discuss the tax incentives in Vietnam in renewable energy and the issues to consider before making an investment. Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for investment in renewable energy in Southeast Asia due to its low-cost resources and natural advantages while the primary non-renewable energy sources have been struggling to fulfill the power needs of the country.

M&A News: The Caterers JSC and Epicure Catering Company Limited.

15 Oct 2020

Grant Thornton Vietnam is pleased to announce that we, in the role of a financial advisor, have successfully supported our client – The Caterers JSC - to complete a full sale of its business to Epicure Catering Company Limited.

M&A News: Indochine Engineering and Tokyu Construction Corporation

05 Oct 2020

Grant Thornton Vietnam is pleased to announce that we have successfully supported our client – Indochine Engineering - to complete a full sale of its business to Tokyu Construction Corporation (TYO 1720:JP), in the role of a lead advisor.

What the data says about business pandemic resiliency in Vietnam

28 Sep 2020

“The most resilient companies have a strong online presence, have invested in IT security systems, and have a wider variety of suppliers. This data points to these conclusions, so it may be worthwhile for business owners and managers to consider.” The initial report with results of the Business Pandemic Resilience Diagnostic conducted by Digitech Transformation - Grant Thornton Vietnam has revealed some notable and surprising findings from analysed factors of resilience along key aspects of business operations.

Tax Audits in Vietnam

28 Sep 2020

Nguyen Dinh Huy and Nguyen Hung Du, of Grant Thornton Vietnam, explain how businesses need to prepare for a tax audit in Vietnam, looking at the common areas likely to be challenged by the tax authorities.

Investing in Vietnam—Corporate Income Tax Incentives

07 Sep 2020

Vietnam is one of the most potent and attractive markets for foreign investors. However, due to regulation changes, there are significant challenges for investors in the implementation of corporate income tax incentives for expansion investment projects. Understanding the incentives that Vietnam currently changes and offers can help investors in optimizing tax expenses and minimizing tax collection. In the recent article featured on Bloomberg BNA, Ms Tran Nguyen Mong Van and Mr Nguyen Hung Du, Director and Partner of Tax Services of Grant Thornton Vietnam presented and discussed notable points in terms of CIT whilst investing in Vietnam from professional perspectives.

New Tax Administration Rules and E-Commerce Business in Vietnam

24 Aug 2020

The Tax Administration Law in Vietnam has brought notable changes to improve tax collection and to keep abreast of changes to the digital economy. Valerie Teo and Nguyen Tan Tai, of Grant Thornton, consider the impact of the new law, effective from July 1, 2020, on e-commerce business in Vietnam.

Vietnam - Tax Implications for Foreign Individuals

12 Aug 2020

In the globalization of Vietnam’s economy, many international business organizations have been doing cross-border business with Vietnamese party by assigning their expatriates to Vietnam to execute the contract without establishing a subsidiary. Tax implication for these designated foreign individuals and the tax protection available under a double tax agreement will be discussed in the recent article by experts from Grant Thornton Vietnam, Valerie Teo – Tax Partner and Nguyen Tan Tai – Tax Services Manager

Indirect Offshore Capital Transfer and Potential Capital Gains Tax in Vietnam

31 Jul 2020

Many foreign investors have been investing into Vietnam through a holding company or subsidiaries of their group located overseas, not only aiming to achieve convenience in their internal business management but also tax efficiency for their future exit plan. Foreign investors have been able to take advantage of unclear regulations on the taxing mechanism of offshore acquisitions leading to the indirect transfer of the Vietnamese enterprise over the past few years. In the recent article conducted by Ms. Lac Boi Tho, Tax Services Director and Mr. Nguyen Hung Du, Tax Partner of Grant Thornton Vietnam, the tax implications on the income derived from an indirect offshore capital transfer in Vietnam will be discussed in details.

Covid-19 and the resilience of the private sector

30 Jul 2020

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