Past Event: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Merger and Acquisition has been widespread globally and continued to be one of the vehicle that many investors consider to expand their business in the recent years. M&A transactions in Vietnam increased significantly in the last decade, although there are some negative impact due to the pandemic. When investors are considering a merger and acquisition, it is important to be well aware of the tax obligations and the legal considerations before making any decision.

Grant Thornton Vietnam in collaboration with LNT & Partners will host a M&A webinar to provide insights from tax and legal perspective: “Getting ready to invest in Vietnam through Mergers and Acquisitions”

Topics to be discussed in this webinar include:

  • Tax considerations in M&A transaction
  • Protections for minority shareholders in M&A transaction


  • Lac Boi Tho, Director, Tax Services, Grant Thornton Vietnam
  • Bui Ngoc Hong, Partner, LNT & Partners


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Q&A Session


1. Difficult points and ways to overcome those when approaching an M&A project? What should be noted in conducting M&A?

2. What are the most critical legal issues for SME to take care about for getting your good M&A?

3. We would like to open an accountingoutsourcing back office in Vietnam. Should we set up a Rep Office, a new company or purchase an already-exist company?

4. Please comment on Inheritance of tax incentives and obligation in a M&A case in Vietnam.

5. If company A transfer the share in the Singaporean subsidiary, how VN government could find out and impose tax?”, I have a follow up question with the case if VN government find out and want to tax the transaction, who would bear the taxes as at this time I understand the seller has finish the sale and take the money, who is going to bear the capital gain tax in this case? Is there any affect to the VN subsidiary? lue of the transferee. How do they reassess and determine the transfer price? And on what basis?

6. Do you cover fintech investment? Is it a good time for fintech in Vietnam?

7. Is there any guideline in Vietnam on voting right % to conclude the M&A or just depending on the Charter of the company's voting regulations?

8. In case the Tax Authority has yet noticed the M&A transaction at Offshore Group Level (including a VN entity) at the time the transaction happened. Can they deem tax retrospectively later on, and how long they can do so?

9. Can you share such official letter?

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Lac Boi Tho
Director, Tax Services

Tho has accumulated more than 14 years professional Tax and Corporate Services experience. Prior to joining Grant Thornton Vietnam, she built her experience while employed by an international audit firm in Vietnam. Tho gained thorough knowledge and has been involved in a wide range of tax and corporate services, tax health check, assistance in tax audit, due diligence, advice on corporate structure, payroll systems and labor issues for multinational companies in a number of industries, including Manufacturing, Trading, Consumer Markets, Foreign Contractor, Construction and Banking. In addition, with an invaluable knowledge and execution know-how in supporting clients from various industry, Tho has assisted our international clients to achieve tax efficiency on their cross-border transactions.

Bui Ngoc Hong
Bui Ngoc Hong

Mr. Hong Bui is a Partner of LNT & Partners in charge of the firm’s Corporate/M&A practice group. He aids investors in their commercial objectives in all aspects of investment in Vietnam, and is familiar with establishing businesses and contractual arrangements, asset and company acquisitions, private equity matters, and corporate restructurings. Mr Hong Bui is sought for advice on corporate governance, corporate investigation, M&A, joint ventures, deal structuring, corporate restructuring, contractual matters, employment, and dispute settlement. Mr. Hong Bui has been voted as Commended External Counsel of the Year for five consecutive years (2017 – 2021) by In-House Community. He is a frequent contributor to local and regional business publications. He is also a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on foreign investment, M&A, corporate restructuring, contracts, employment, corporate investigation, and dispute settlement in Vietnam.