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My expectations for 2017

My expectations as an investor in Vietnam, are that Vietnam will continue to see relatively high GDP growth of between 6.3% - 6.5%, although we may see some pressure on the ability to grow traditional exports. I expect the currency to remain relatively stable maybe devaluing by up to 3%.

I expect to see some of the Government’s commitments to improve the business environment and the ease of doing business coming into effect with a positive reaction from business generally. I also, hopefully, expect to see an improvement in transparency and a reduction in corruption.

I believe we will see increased investment from the USA, regardless of the death or otherwise of TPP and also increased investment from Europe and our traditional investor markets like Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. There will be a continued focus on the F and B market, retail, health and education. The big unknown is what will happen to the real estate market which will either drive or suppress local business and consumer confidence.

Ken Atkinson

Executive Chairman
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