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Personalise or perish – warning for the hotel industry

A report on the power of personalisation and how hotels can capitalise on the trend.

Our new report, ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels' roadmap to 2020’, highlights a number of key pressures facing hotels today. These include the growth of sharing economy providers, the increasing influence of online travel agents in the booking process, and the rapidly evolving needs and expectations of guests. It argues that mastering big data and harnessing its potential in order to provide the personalisation that guests will expect and demand is fundamental to addressing these challenges.

Airbnb and other sharing economy providers are growing in popularity. Increasing numbers of guests are choosing to book through online travel agents (OTAs) that take substantial commissions. And when guests do arrive, they expect the same immediate service and control they get at home and at work through their smartphones. 

So how do hotels achieve customer loyalty, maintain margins and stand out from the crowd? One answer is personalisation. 

Digital innovation is creating bold new opportunities for hotels to personalise the guest experience. In the first of a series of three hotels reports we draw on examples from across the industry – from online check-in technology to an app that customises the mini-bar – and share practical advice to encourage growth.

Download the attached report ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels' roadmap to 2020’to read the full story. Please subscribe or check back for our next two reports, which will cover innovation in hotel business models and the future of the brand.