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Case Study


CJ OliveNetworks Vina is a member company of CJ Group with headquarters in Korea .​​​​ In Vietnam , CJ OliveNetworks Vina provides information technology system management services and technology applications for companies under the CJ group , diversifying food production industries .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ products , animal feed , Food & Beverage and many other industries .​​​ During the process of formation and development in Vietnam , CJ Olive selected and deployed financial modules of SAP Business One to help easily handle large transaction volumes every day.                                             
“When I looked at evaluating different ERP systems , Grant Thornton Vietnam illustrated the problems we were facing with real simulation data of our company , thereby helping us see​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​ clearly see where major improvements can be made in operational processes with the SAP Business One ERP solution .”  Ms Nguyen Hoai Thu - Chief Accountant , CJ OliveNetwork Vina Company  
Before using SAP Business One: Challenges and Opportunities

  • CJ OliveNetwork Vina Company has grown significantly compared to the financial management system currently in use (AMNOTE).
  • Manually tracking sales, purchases, inventory, and payment accounting is time-consuming.
  • The company needs a management solution that can seamlessly integrate between departments: sales, purchasing, accounting, warehouse, electronic invoices, electronic banking, etc. And have the ability to grow with the company in the future.
  • Constantly need to ask for help and wait for information when questions arise between departments.
  • Using Korean domestic management software solutions does not meet management needs and is not compatible with Vietnam's tax and accounting regulations.
  • The Customer's IT Department is not supported in SAP implementation or editing and updating changes according to development requirements.
  • Inadequate timely training, support and documentation on how to operate the system. The company needs a consulting and support provider not only on software but also on business process issues, taxes, accounting, human resources, auditing, assurance, etc.

Why did CJ Olive Networks Vina Company choose to cooperate with Grant Thornton Vietnam with SAP B1 solution?    

During  the initial requirements survey phase  , Grant Thornton Vietnam , with its team of experienced experts in many different fields , was able to work together and identify the problems being encountered with the data .​​​​​​​​​ Data from CJ O li ve N etwork s Vina. Thereby proving the benefits of switching to using the SAP Business One  system .​ SAP B1 also has experience integrating with many third - party systems , so we believe the integration process will go as smoothly as possible .​​​​​​​​​                                                                             
Furthermore  , Grant Thornton Vietnam always has a support team with solutions if any problems occur .​​ Because CJ Olive N etwork s Vina handles large volumes of orders on a daily basis , any issues need to be handled quickly without downtime – something the SAP B 1 Solutions team prides itself on .​​​​​​​​​​ .                                                      
After implementing SAP Business One: Value-driven results

  • SAP Business One, consulted and implemented by Grant Thornton Vietnam, has contributed greatly to the development of CJ OliveNetworks Vina company.'
  • Ready for the future – Although CJ Olive only uses finance modules, they can expand their ERP needs any time needed, for example: HRM, Budget, BI,…
  • The system connects information throughout quickly, promptly and accurately.
  • Fast, continuous and in-depth response support from Grant Thornton Vietnam helps the system operate smoothly and the Board of Directors have a solid basis when making important decisions.
  • Can meet business operations almost continuously 24/7 with huge payment order transactions.