At Grant Thornton, we believe that businesses have a fundamental role to play in driving positive social and environmental change. That's why we were honored to collaborate with Sweef Capital, a pioneering impact investment firm, to help integrate sustainability and inclusion into the very fabric of their portfolio companies' operations.

As a leading professional services firm, we bring a wealth of expertise in conducting comprehensive gender and sustainability audits. When Sweef Capital approached us to assess the value chains of their investee companies, we saw an opportunity to positively influence the trajectory of women's economic empowerment and environmental stewardship in Southeast Asia.

Led by our Advisory Partner, Ms Vĩnh Hà, the audit process involved a meticulous review of hiring practices, workplace policies, and supplier diversity. The findings were eye-opening, shedding light on the gender gaps and sustainability challenges that existed within these high-growth companies.

"Working with Sweef Capital has been a truly rewarding experience," shared Ms. Vĩnh Hà. "By collaborating with their team, we were able to uncover valuable insights and empower their portfolio companies to take tangible steps towards creating more inclusive and sustainable value chains."

The impact of this partnership extends far beyond the immediate benefits to Sweef Capital's investees. By showcasing a replicable model for integrating gender and sustainability considerations, we hope to inspire other businesses across the region to follow suit. After all, sustainable and equitable growth can only be achieved when we work together to address systemic challenges.

As we continue our journey of supporting clients to create positive impact, we remain steadfast in our commitment to forge meaningful partnerships, like the one with Sweef Capital. Together, we are confident that we can unlock new frontiers of progress and build a more inclusive and resilient future for all.